Scripted Installation

Scripted installation for Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio removes the need to step through the GUI of the universal installer. This enables simplified repeat installations or installations in bulk.

Install Once & Use Generated File to Repeat Install

  1. Run the GUI universal installer with the command
    java -jar *devstudio-*.jar
    This generates a file in the installation folder called InstallConfigRecord.xml.

  2. To run the universal installer without stepping through the GUI for subsequent installations, use the command
    java -jar *devstudio-*.jar InstallConfigRecord.xml
    This creates an identically configured JBoss Developer Studio installation. Note that each InstallConfigRecord.xml file is machine-specific, using your specific Java developer kit and installation folder paths.

    To use the InstallConfigRecord.xml file for systems with different operating systems, Java developer kits or paths, you must manually modify the file.

Since devstudio 8.0.